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Unsung Empire: The Cholas is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective, with platforming elements. Players traverse several environments, moving through locations including towns, buildings, and wilderness to advance through the game's story. Players use swords, melee combat, and stealth to combat against hostile enemies. For most of the game, players control Rajendra Chola — a Tamil Chola emperor of South India who succeeded his father, Rajaraja Chola I, to the throne in 1025 CE. This pilot follows the journey of Chola’s overseas conquest, where the Chola Navy crossed the ocean and attacked the Srivijaya kingdom of Sangrama Vijayatungavarman.


Marvel at the beautifully-crafted graphics that bring ancient India to life with realistic lighting, shadows, and textures. Listen to authentic music that captures the mood and spirit of each scene. Experience detailed environments that are filled with ambient sounds, dynamic weather effects, and wildlife.


Fight your way through a world of danger and intrigue using swords/bows and stealthy maneuvers. Master powerful combat techniques inspired by ancient Tamil martial arts. Face off against hostile enemies, including the Sri Vijaya soldiers who will stop at nothing to defend their king.


Embark on an Epic Journey of Conquest and Adventure Step into the shoes of Rajendra Chola, the warrior king of the Chola Empire, as he faces his greatest challenge yet. The Srivijaya king Sangrama has blocked his trade route and threatened his sovereignty, and he must teach him a lesson he will never forget. Along the way, he will meet allies, enemies, friends, & foes and discover secrets and mysteries that will change his destiny. Will he restore the glory of his empire, or will he pay a heavy price for his ambition?


Rajendra Chola I, a formidable ruler of the Chola dynasty, reigned during the 11th century. Known for his naval prowess, he expanded the empire's influence across Southeast Asia, leaving an enduring legacy as one of history's tamil unsung empire.


Mawiza Sangrama, a fierce warrior, embodies the spirit of rebellion, determined to challenge the Sri Vijaya kingdom's injustices. Her presence in the heart of the city serves as a symbol of hope and the catalyst for much-needed change, inspiring others to stand up against oppression. 🌹⚔️


Sangrama Vijayatunggavarmam, a legendary ruler of the Sri Vijaya kingdom, wielded both military might and strategic brilliance during his reign. His name echoes through history as a conqueror who expanded the empire's boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the region's history. 🏰⚔️




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